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We deliver startup support solutions for deep tech, medtech, AI, blockchain, & other technically complex industries.

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"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

As technology has advanced, barriers to entry for new, innovative companies have dropped drastically.  This provides great opportunity to founders with unique ideas, but increases the competition in the battle for customer and investor mind share.  Enterprises that aren’t ready for prime time are at a distinct disadvantage.  Our team of serial entrepreneurs provides critical startup services at affordable prices to help push your company across the line.

Our fundamentals-first approach gives technical industries the time and breadth they need to establish expert status, easing and accelerating the confidence in your business.  Combined with our other service offerings, we help create a brand and business that’s easily understood, strongly supported, and ready for growth.

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Education evolution engages the audience with information that challenges the way we think about business. Small business owners need this information if they are going to thrive in today's economy.
Nadia Flores
Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce
Its amazing how the pace of technology progress is really fast these days. Without going to these events, knowing whats going on, and listening to pioneers in the industry, you will feel that you are kept behind.
Malek Moubasher Photo
Malek Moubasher
EvoNexus Selection Committee Member
This is the best event that I have participated in from the standpoint of networking. Its quite rare to find so many people of this caliber at one event.
Dr Bota Photo
Dr. Daniela Bota, MD, PHD
University of California, Irvine
There are so many people that I've met with...from the head of the Center of Innovation to the head of the Medical School Research Department. Everybody comes to every event. They're always interacting, they're always talking. So it's a really well integrated community that you don't necessarily get other places.
Christian Moseley Photo
Christian Moseley, MD, MS, MBA
University of California, Irvine
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